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The Plantisserie

Plant-based Organic Deli & Market

Since 2015 and through our sister company, Artichoke Foods, we distribute frozen artisanal and organic vegan meals and products to our clients, developing the wholesale market around South Florida.

With the support of our customers, partners, community friends and family, we are making our dream come true by opening our first store front to the public where we now offer nutritious, organic and fresh plant based food by the pound. All our ingredients are free from pesticides, GMO’s, chemicals, hormones, preservatives, colorants, or additives.

We prepare our food as nature provides it. Maintaining its natural virtues and nutrients, free of refinements and genetic treatments, respecting in this way the intelligence of Mother Nature.

From the soil to the store, all stages are taken care of and controlled by trained personnel, paying attention to every single detail in the process.

Come and visit us at our new location where you will find not only fresh food but delicious and healthy products and snacks featuring local artisans.


7316 NE 2ND AVE
Little River
Miami, Fl 33138

Plant-based and Organic

They say preparation is one of the most important steps for making a delicious dish, and it’s true, but preparation is nothing without quality ingredients, that’s why we choose to support local organic suppliers, this way we make sure we get fresh, nutritious and flavorous products. If you cook with love and passion plus the possibility of having high-quality products just around the corner, you get the perfect combo for making something spectacular.

Cook consciously and most of all cook with love!

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Catering Menu

We prepare organic, artisan and homemade dishes integrating ingredients that are
free of pesticide, preservatives, additives, hormones and GMOs.

Please place your order 3 days in advance

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